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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  March 16, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> may start with a couple of sprinkles today but that is the last of it until monday. coastal flood warning extended until midnight. this morning i want to show you a few light sprinkles out there. they are west of frederick and moving south in to northern loudoun county n leesburg or south of leesburg out of poolesville over to lands down and chantilly a couple of light sprinkles and one or two on the river not far from mount vernon and prince georges county. on the weather computer, the storm system in the atlantic brought us all of the rain the last few days. that is finally pulling to the south. the last bits of moisture will be pulling away here the next few hours. this morning, our temperatures are running in the 40s. we are at 46. easton is 41. fredericksburg, the warm spot at 49. cumberland and winchester sit at 45. looking at the day at a glance.
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48 by 9:00. early sprinkle. afternoon sunshine. milder. looking for highs in the mid to upper 50s and get ready for a taste of spring, a big taste of spring coming up starting tomorrow. i will tell you about that in 14 minutes. it is 4:31. angie has traffic info for you. we are ready, more than ever. bring it on. okay. talking about the traffic, a couple of alerts early on for you. a wreck on the outer loop at toll road in virginia. drivers are losing the right lane. show you the inner loop in virginia. we have construction sites set up near the braddock road and telegraph exit. so approach those with caution. 367-8995 northbound no issues to report. making the way from the capital beltway to the 14th street bridge, 301, route 4, branch avenue, all of these roads are okay. they are accident free and finally wrap it up with the outer loop in maryland. we are north of the district.
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everyone is moving at speed. light traffic at the colesville road exit. audrey, back to you. today is tornado preparedness day in virginia. citizens across the commonwealth are urged to spend part of their day practicing tornado safety. as part of the practice the virginia department of emergency management will hold an annual statewide tornado drill. 9:45 this morning the national weather service will send out a warning to weather radios across the state. television and radio stations will also broadcast a test message. and in 2009, 16 confirmed tornadoes were reported across the state. norad will conduct exercise flights over the washington area today. a flight is scheduled between now and 6:00 this morning. a similar flight will happen at the same time tomorrow morning. house democratic leaders say they are still short of the votes needed to pass health care reform. however, they say they are confident they will hit the
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magic number by the end of the week. president obama is pushing to pass the overhail sooner rather than later. he says if there is anymore of a delay it will be too late and changes in the health care system won't be in place for another three to five years. toyota is stopping short of calling it a hoax but the auto giant is dismissing the story of a california man who said his prius sped out of control. toyota has ruled out an electrical problem and says the gas pedal and the brake systems work fine. toyota says engineers worked for two days to find anything wrong with that car but they were unable to locate a problem. >> the accelerator pedal was tested and found to be working normally with no binding or friction and the front brakes showed severe damage from overheating. the rear and parking brakes were functional. the push button power switch worked normally and shut the vehicle off when depressed for
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three seconds as a 911 operator advised the driver to do. >> reporter: despite toyota's claims the driver says he's standing by his story. he says he doesn't want any money but just wants the problems fixed. arlington police have made an arrest in the county's first murder of 2010. she is accused of killing 20- year-old man. his body was found on a sidewalk on saturday night. he suffered from upper body trauma and was later pronounced dead. advocates for the poor and disadvantaged in virginia are angry over the newly-approved state budget. as peggy fox reports it deeply cuts health care services for disabled and public education. they are worry about borrowing from the plan.
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future employees will be asked to contribute more to their retirement and retire later. >> we are surrounded by a lot of influ wential business and corporations. when teachers can't compete financially, it's disheartening. >> reporter: they are not ge getting pay raises and will have to take a furlough day. >> raising three children in one of the most expenses places in the country is very challenging on a teacher's salary and the legislature needs to look at the big picture and how does this affect the people who are preparing the leaders of tomorrow. you can't prepare leaders with mediocrity. >> there are a lot of people looking for work and people who have it are happy to have it. >> reporter: the current employees will get what they are owed but still people are worried but lawmakers say if they hasn't decided to limit the contributions to the retirement system it would have meant more budget cuts and a loss of 18,000 state jobs. >> the other option would have
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been to raise taxes or we could have taken $600 million out of k-12 education which would put thousands of people out of work. so this is the option we chose. >> reporter: petersen says there was no tolerance for any kind of tax increase this year. peggy fox, 9 news now. prince georges county executives says smart spending will mean fewer budget cuts. they are calling for 80% of the budget to be used for public safety and education. breaking down to $1.6 billion for schools and 399.1 million for public safety. johnson says the top priority is cutting the number of days county workers will get furloughed. >> we are reducing furloughs by two days. moving from ten days to eight days of furloughs, and we hope to further reduce those numbers as we go further in to the budgetary process. >> reporter: johnson de says despite the budget crunch, the
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county will continue to hire emergency personnel. montgomery county's executive has done something not seen there for more than 40 years, offer a budget which calls for a drop in spending. the proposal amounts to $4.3 billion. it would cut spending across the board, even for schools. there would be pink slips for 200 county employees and ten- day furloughs for everyone, except those in public safety. in the news now, a pennsylvania school bus driver is charged with vehicular homicide in connection with a february 18th crash which left a 27-year-old man dead. police say frederick house was allegedly talking on his cell phone and listening to his ipod when the crash happened. he drove past at least ten stop signs before crashing in to a car killing the passenger and seriously wounding the driver. the u.s. state department's
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travel warning urging americans against visiting mexico comes as thousands of students are heading south for spring break. more than 100,000 are expected to fly or drive across the border to begin their spring break. thousands began to arrive last night before the violence which left three americans dead. the supreme court's oldest member says he will decide the next month or so whether this term will be his last. in an interview with the new yorker magazine, justice john paul stevens says he will definitely retire in the next three years the 89-year-old stevens is the second oldest justice in u.s. history and the fourth longest serving. time now is 4:38. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. no problems to report eastbound on the dulles toll road from herndon to the toll plaza. but if you are getting on the outer loop in virginia we have an accident right off the exit
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coming from the toll road. i will have more tieups when 9 news now returns. it is time for this morning's first "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is watching trading around the world. jess? >> good morning. traders around the world are watching us. the federal reserve meets today to decide the direction of interest rates and most economists expect they will stand pat. in the meantime, asian stock markets have been mixed. this after a caution day for wall street. the dow stands this morning at 10642 after adding 17 points yesterday. the nasdaq was off by five and the s&p 500 was up fractionally. a new senate bill aims to crackdown on wall street. chris dodd unveiled a sweeping proposal yesterday afternoon. among the highlights, his proposal will give more power to the federal reserve to oversee banks, shareholders would get more of a say how publicly traded companies operate and create a smoother
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process for bank failures. the senate could begin voting on the plan as early as next week. the district is considering a tax on line travel agents and tour operators. they collect a 14.5% sales tax on the hotels and wants to expand that tax. but our partners say that they are hearing warnings it could depress tourism for the city, kill job and reduce revenue. a balancing act there. back to you. metro transit shows signs it is regaining rider confidence. and doctors say a new test is three times as likely to detect amental disorder which affects thousands of children. we might see a sprinkle early, but i have a forecast i think everyone will like. we will have it for you when 9 news now this morning returns.
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in minnesota, officials were forced to shut down streets after eight feet of water rushed to the roads. experts expect the red river to crest by midweek. the waterfront was submerged in washington, d.c. you don't normally see georgetown flooding like that. pretty bad down there. >> four to five feet above average. white ferry is closed because too much high water and debris flowing down from all of the rain and we problem we had. nowhere for the rain to go. the ground was saturated thanks to the rain and snow melt we had. any rain ran off. this morning watching a few sprinkles on live doppler hd. you see them to the north and south. these are fairly light and the final remnants of that storm that's been bugging us. south of middletown in
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frederick county, brunswick and lovettsville in northern loudoun county and around ashburn, west of dulles and olney there on route 50. we are seeing sprinkles. as we go to the south and east, a couple of light sprinkles in to extreme northwestern areas of charles county. you see that coming down there and that's it. a fairly quiet weather map. let's talk about the weather headlines this morning on the weather computer. we still have a coastal flood warning. that's been extended until midnight as water levels are two to four feet above average. drier days ahead. i will say that a lot this morning. drier, milder days ahead. the flood warning up and down the potomac basin in to washington. they are on the high side. they will be coming down the next day or so. the next high tide, and this may be the highest water level. in alexandria this morning at
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9:37. indian head 9:05. point lookout, you had one earl eli this morning at 2:30. the next is this afternoon at 2:46. those are the times where we may see some docks emerge or street flooding like in alexandria. maybe not as bad as yesterday but i think water will be coming up in those areas. as far as the next three days with the forecast first. today we start off with clouds, maybe a sprinkle but sunshine returns and 57. tomorrow and thursday, sunny and mild. by thursday, in the mid-60s. the bus stop forecast, a spotty shower. temperatures generally in the low to mid-40s this morning. sunrise is 7:18. wind chills upper 30s to low 40s. this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny, milder, mid to upper 50s. north winds 10 to 15. we can only manage 50 for the high yesterday with the clouds and spotty showers around. tonight, clear and colder. 35 in cold spots and 45 in the warmer areas by the bay.
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and the sunset is 7:16 and sunny and pleasant day tomorrow with highs in the lower 60s. there's the storm system off to our east. pulling away. going south. taking showers with it. you will notice pennsylvania. it's clear up here. that clearing will be moving in toward us as we go to the morning and afternoon hours. by lunchtime we are looking at a good deal of sunshine. 43 gaithersburg, 44 martinsburg, oakland an garrett county at 32. warm spot fredericksburg there at 49. manassas and leesburg and frederick and washington national and annapolis are at 46. still breezes. winds gusting 23 at reagan national. 19 pax river. 17 in culpeper and 18 in hagerstown. so national, 46. feels like 41 due to the north wind at 13 miles an hour and the relative humidity is 71%. across the country, fairly quiet. we have a storm, little one in the northwest but a much more wetter one we will say across texas. little wintry mix with that in
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west texas and then the storm in the east and that's it. it gets quiet. it will turn in to spring here real soon and you will enjoy it. the low pressure is pulling away. the northernly flow behind it. when high pressure builds in that will relax our winds and bring us nicer weather later on. look at the 9 future cast. there's the storm system by this afternoon and tonight. we have clear skies and much better weather moving in. st. patrick's day tomorrow looking good. don't forget angie's birthday gift. thursday, friday, saturday, mid to upper 60s. spring officially begins. >> you know, howard. i like chocolate. that's a hint. a wink. >> got ya. 11 minutes from the 5:00 hour. good morning. happy tuesday to you. we are watching this accident on the outer loop on the toll road or near the toll road exit. it is taking away the right lane for drivers.
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notice the green cars. flow of traffic is nice and light. moving to 66. outside through centreville you are clear to inside the beltway. 95 in virginia tracking this road, as well. no problems out of dumfries to the mixing bowl. as we continue to the district. i want to show you inbound new york avenue, a nice quiet drive. lanes are open from the times building to the third street tunnel. and finally call it a wrap. smooth sailing on 270 southbound out of frederick all the way to the spur. audrey, that's the traffic. thank you very much, angie. there's word that metro is close touches choosing a new safety officer. james dougherty, director of safety for the san francisco municipal transportation agency is believed to have been tapped for the job. according to the "washington post," no formal offer has been made to dougherty. metro notified the board of directors last night that dougherty is the top pick for the job. the position has been vacant
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since mid september when the former safety officer stepped down. riders are returning to metro rail. during the first two weeks of march, ridership was up. the numbers are close to what was considered normal before the deadly red line crash. they think the winter's tough weather may have helped to bring customers back to the system and say the recent ten cents fare hike didn't have any impact often ridership. the dc circulator buses are going to be back in service in time if for the cherry blossom festival. the buss were suspended for six months starting last fall to save 140 thousand dollars. the service will resume march 27th, that's the first day of the festival. a new form of brainwashing begins the living well headlines. doctors in britain have developed a procedure known as brainwashing which could reduce the risk of death or brain damage in premature babies.
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>> isaac is a pretty average 9- year-old boy. >> i like doing computers, swimming. >> reporter: with one extraordinary start in life. he was born 13 weeks premature and suffered a massive brain hemorrhage, something that can happen with very premature babies. >> we didn't give up hope but prayed about it. >> reporter: they decided their son would be one of the first to take part in an experiment in the hopes of he deucing the risk of brain damage. two tubes are inserted in the brain. one continually drains the old blood, debris and toxins from the hemorrhage. it gradually runs clear, indicating the brain damaging toxins are gone. >> the inside of the brain is literally washed out. like having a sink with coffee grounds in it which are clogging the drainage of the sink. >> reporter: in a study of 77
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preemies that had bleeding in the brain after birth, those with the brainwashing were less likely to have disabilitities later in life. >> they say it speaks for himself. >> i have a surfboard but i use it as a body board because it is faster. and zooms across the water. >> that was anita brikman reporting. another living well news, doctors say a new genetic test is three times more likely to detect autism disorders compared to other tests available. it is said it affects 110 million children in the united states. children who each school lunches are more likely to be overweight or obese than those who brought lunch from home. they were also known to have
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higher cholesterol. two new reports show skin cancer affects more individuals than all other cancers combined. for the latest living well headlines, log on to our website at and while you are there you can read a new study involving smokers and their arteries. gilbert arenas opens up about his recent legal problems. and the stars come out for the 2010 rock and roll hall of fame inductees.
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is set for liftoff on april 5th but they will do more testing to see if this valves are space worthy. the top environmental watch dog group is concerned about the affects of construction for
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the next olympics. a report is due to be released today found that organizers of the 2040 games in russia did not take in to affect this before they started to build. the u.n. environment's program is concerned about the impact on the region and its wildlife. arenas says he deserves to be punished for bringing guns in to the locker room. he says he wasn't using longevity thinking when he brought guns the locker room and he says he messed up the legacy of abe poland who died in november an he called his wife to apologize. rock 'n' roll set out to prove it will never die. they inducted new members and some of the biggest names in music were there to honor them. terrell brown was there for the party. >> reporter: the members of the band maroon 5 were not even born when the hollies were
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taking england by storm but they teamed up on monday night to honor the newest batch of music legends. a who's who of music at the waldorf astoria hotel where the rock and roll hall of fame welcomed a mixed bag of artists including genesis. swedish pop sensation, abba was the most unexpected inductee. their work has inspired the musical and movie mama mia. two of the original four were there. >> not surprised that actually we have the innuance nuance. >> reporter: earning this honor is no easy fete. they must have released the album 25 years ago and the votes must deem they significantly influenced the history of rock 'n' roll. the stooges are credited as the fathers of punk rock.
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the rock and roll hall of fame is in cleveland, ohio but it is based in new york. they say this is one of the best spots because they can continue to honor them. >> reporter: other honorees a handful of song writers who wrote songs such you lost that loving feeling, leader of the pack influences that shake up today's music. & the winner takes it all &&. >> reporter: terrell brown, cbs news, new york. good morning. you are watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm audrey barnes in for andrea roane. angie will have the traffic in just a moment but right now has ward has a look at the forecast. >> abba. >> they are great. >> i am not saying they are not great but rock 'n' roll. >> they are between categories. >> folk and rock. >> getting out the door on this tuesday. >> you may need an umbrella briefly or the rain jacket in morning but this afternoon it will get far better. the


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